The NBA MVP race for the 2016-2017 Season has been kind of heated. Some have even said this may be the first year we see a Co-MVP. Heres a little insight on the candidates. Let us know who your pick is by a simple vote!

#1 Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is a high flying, energetic point guard for OKC. After his homie KD left him on stuck to chase a ring with the Warriors. Westbrook has been hell-bent on trying to prove he is the man and that they could do it without him. Westbrook is averaging a triple double right now which is not an easy feat. Just had a monster 57 pt trip dub to add to that too...Howwwwever...To me it seems like he is trying to force these triple doubles....Its like he breaks it down...This is the scoring portion of the game...ok now let me get some assists...and pretty much crash the boards all game to get my rebs up...I dont know...thats what it seems like to me. Never been a fan...but cant deny that he does put in work on the court...chasing stats or not. Not really a contender or really winning like that but the boy is putting up crazy numbers 31.8 ppg 10.4 apg 10.6 rpg

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#2 Isaiah Thomas

People might not think of the lil fella as a contender for MVP...but you almost have to the way the Celtics are putting pressure on Cleveland ass #pause...But anyway Isaiah Thomas has definitely proved he is one of the elite guards in the game right now. Another player chasing greatness who seems to hold on to the old school mentality of what it takes to be great. They took over the top seed at the end of the season...if they can hang on to it that would be big. Thomas is putting up solid numbers with 29.2ppg 5.9apg and 2.6rpg which is pretty solid seeing that he's barely 6' ft if that.

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#3 James Harden

If James Harden wins the MVP it is purely on offense. They may need to create an Offensive Player of the Year Award...He'd definitely be a front runner. James Hardent probably spends more time on his beard than defense. Im sure on this picture his man just ran by him down the court for the seriously Harden has proven himself as one of the top 2 guards in the league. Harden felt like he was cheated last year (arguable) and he's on the same mission this year. Houston is not really being looked at as the favorites to win it all or come out the West but I dont think nobody really wants to play them. They can potentially beat any of those front runners. Crazy him Russ and KD were on the same team at one point. But anyway Harden's transition to more of a PG role has him playing at another level. He has been a triple double machine in his own right. The Beard is averaging 29.3ppg 11.3ppg and 8.0rpg

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#4 Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard...has one of the wackest nicknames in the league (The Claw) but his 2 way game is constantly improving. Constantly competes at a high level. Not one that does a lot of talking. But his game is talkin like a MF. The Spurs have a chance to knock out the Warriors and its largely due to this man. Defensive stopper, Bucket Getter and one of the best records in the league. The "Claw's" numbers are good but he does a lot that doesnt show on the stat sheet too. Leonard is averaging 25.9ppg 3.5apg and 5.9rpg

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#5 Kevin Durant

KD left his "homie" on stuck to join the team that knocked them out the playoffs. Much to the chagrin of the OKC faithful Easy Money Sniper is still putting up numbers in the Bay area. KD might not have a good handle on a brush but at 6'11 he can handle and shoot the rock like an elite 2 guard. His length and athletisism make him a pretty good defender as well. Durant went to a team with the reigning back to back MVP and became the 1st option on offense. Durant is still putting up numbers and at times had the Warriors looking unstoppable. If he comes back healthy they'll be tough to beat. His move to Golden State is what had LeBron loosing his mind trying to build a team to compete. KD's numbers are down but he's also playing with some clowns that can drop 50 on any given you gotta share the wealth. He's coming in averaging 25.3ppg 4.8apg and 8.2rpg

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#6 Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving's name isn't mentioned a lot in the race but plenty of people attribute a large chunk of success that Cleveland has to Uncle Drew. Last year Irving was all about white women and gold trophies. lol..Nah but on the real Kyrie hit some big shots when it mattered and seemed to bail his MVP out of some tight situations. This year these are still facts. Im not sure about the Farmers Only cruises...But he's definitely still getting buckets for the Cavs when needed. I also think he has the best handle in the game too...but anyway Kyrie is averaging 25.2ppg 5.7apg 3.3reb

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#7 Steph Curry

Chef Curry as they call him is the reigning MVP of the league and Champion of the Lightskin Delegation. Being the back to back MVP its only right he's on the list. Curry is playing with Durant now but he still shows why he was the MVP at times. Tho I dont think he'll bring it home this year he is still an integral part to his team having the best record in the league again and has to be considered. Curry is averaging 25.0ppg 6.6apg and 4.5rpg

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#8 Lebron James

Again....not a fan...No doubting his talent tho. Lebron James is a physical phenomenon. Lebron is like an upgraded version of Anthony Mason just on the real his on court play can't be denied. He does it all for his team at a high level. Including recruiting, coaching and accounting. Lebron's Cavs are the favorites in the East once again as they defend their crown. LeBron is damn near Avg. a triple double himself with 26.0ppg 8.8apg and 8.4rpg. An impressive stat line. Aside from the flopping and crying he tends to do on the court...the man is hoopin and definitely a MVP candidate.

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