All Eyez On Me [Movie Review]

Me and the wife went to go checkout the highly anticipated “All Eyez on Me” the bio pic of 2 Pac Shakur. I went into the movie with not so high expectations. Wasn’t too sure of the actor playing Pac. But aaaaanywho. The movie was decent in my opinon. Worth seeing. Do I think it was better than Straight out of Compton?? No. It was more on par with Notorious. The movie didn’t delve into territories that we didn’t already know but maybe thats because there’s already been so many bios and docs on his story for so long that we’ve heard and watched. I probably would have preferred a more cinematic approach to the film. To me it felt like I was watching a bunch of re-enactments on something on the ID channel. If it was direcred and shot like an episode of “Power” or something..woulda been dope. Demetrius Shipp Jr. Didn’t do a horrible job playing Pac and at times he definitely did look just like him. Kinda wild that his dad was an in-house producer for Death Row and your son look like Pac. Think his pops had those busy eyebrows too tho..but like i was saying I guess he did alright for not actually being an actor. The music in the movie brought the movie to life tho and kind of set the mood…from Pac’s music to the music they used in the background. Would I see it again? maybe.

If you saw it already let me know what you thought as well. Or when you do come back and report!

All Eyes on Me
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All in All I think the film was worth seeing. Not the greatest, but the wife thought it was fantastic though.

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  1. Great article bro. U hit it right on the head. It was kind of like reenactments ut felt like but like u said we know so much from documentaries, bios, interviews, clips, they couldn’t tell us much we didn’t already know. I thought it was good .not better than SOC, but better then notorious…..I always wondered how him and snoop fell out right before he passed.

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