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Bynum and Deng Trade

Im a huge Chicago Bulls fan so I don’t know how I feel about this trade. After D. Rose went down I knew things were gonna get kinda crazy..But I didnt’ expect this.

The Bulls are not planning on keeping Bynum either. This move was purely to save money as Bynum’s contract is not guaranteed. It also seems like they’re throwing the towel in on the season..I mean they weren’t gonna win without D. Rose anyway but he was talking like he might be back before the playoffs…you can scratch that. I also would hate to see the morale of the team drop. Hopefully it doesn’t I would hate to see my team out there playing with no heart.

There is also the possibility that he could have walked at the end of the season as well. Deng was set to be an unrestricted free agent and they were unable to reach a resolve during contract talks before the season to lock in that extension. Whats wack though is how management kept talking about how resigning Deng was their top priority. Then this..

I probably would have been a little more at ease if they would have got Dion Waiters out the deal as well…but they got some upcoming draft picks. It could prove to be a good look with this years draft looking to be kinda deep. Kinda hard to see the homey go though.


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