• The Best “FRONT-RUNNER” of ALL TIME!!

    The 2017 NBA FINALS have been a “hot-bed” of endless debate and conversation from topics of, “Who’s the GOAT”? to “Are We witnessing the Best Team in History in the Golden State Warriors”? These debates are on-going and will really never actually reach any plausible conlusion except for the “factual opinions” we ALL harbor, to […] More


      As the Finals have come around again with another appearance by a Lebron led team. The chatter about Lebron possibly being the GOAT and dethroning Michael Jordan has been at an all-time high. I’ve had plenty of discussions about this. But just thinking about the convos that took place I have to ask the […] More

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  • Bynum and Deng Trade

    Im a huge Chicago Bulls fan so I don’t know how I feel about this trade. After D. Rose went down I knew things were gonna get kinda crazy..But I didnt’ expect this. The Bulls are not planning on keeping Bynum either. This move was purely to save money as Bynum’s contract is not guaranteed. […] More