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  • RIP Charlie Murphy

    RIP to Charlie Murphy. Charlie Murphy was fighting a battle with leukemia and passed away this morning. Charlie Murphy was 57 years old. Rest Easy fam in knowing that you’ve touched so many. A lot of people slept on the show Black Jesus but I liked it and Charlie Murphy was probably the main reason. […] More

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  • Mr.T

    I had this joint. MR. T was the MF man..Even white kids wanted More

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    Adult Swim Greenlights Aaron McGruder’s (Boondocks) “Black Jesus”

    From non sequitur farces Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Childrens Hospital to satirical animated comedies Moral Orel and The Boondocks, Adult Swim has become a haven for experimental and controversial programming. Now, Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block is adding another controversial piece to its bizarre menagerie. Adult Swim announced Monday that they are greenlighting Black Jesus, […] More

  • Heroes Coming Back 2015

    Was kind of geeked hearing about the return of Heroes. A little late posting it but I heard about this a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if they were going to pick up where they left off or start with a whole new cast. I hope they at least start it with the old […] More