Derrick Rose Saga Continues [NBA Free Agency]

Derrick Rose will be returning to the Minnesota Timberwolves on a one-year deal worth $2.1 million. 

As a Rose fan I’m glad to see him on a team at the beginning of the season. I myself am a Rose fan but it’s sad to see how he’s being treated like a scrub these days. It’s also taxing on him as well. He came across a fan that wanted to take a picture and kept telling him he is the man..Rose responded with “I used to be”..

Rose has not had a serious injury in the past 3-4 yrs but is still looked at as injury prone. The numbers Rose put up in New York before that awful stint in Cleveland (that might have also ruined Isiah Thomas’s rep as well ) were the numbers that landed Goran Dragic a spot on an All Star team this year. Rose avg close to 15pts per game as a 3rd option in a horrible system on nearly 50% shooting from the field. 

Rose joined the T Wolves shortly before the NBA playoffs after being traded to the Jazz and cut immediately. These have to be all crushing blows for someone who was the youngest MVP just a few years ago. Rose proved to be a valuable asset to the team as he was the spark to the Wolves remaining somewhat competitive in the games against the Rockets.

There have been rumblings that Teague was campaigning for Tyus Jones to get more minutes. I feel like Teague was in fear that Rose was a threat to his starting spot as the team played well with Rose also KAT and Butler had very high praise and loved playing with him. Hopefully Rose can return to form and earn a starting spot with the Wolves and more importantly his respect.


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