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Does “Playstation Now” Make the PS4 the winner of the Console Battle?

SONY:PlayStation Now offers the first ever streaming game service on consoles powered by our exclusive advanced cloud-based technology. Gamers can now play games the same way they stream TV, movies and music…instantly. Starting with PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4, and expanding to PlayStation®Vita, BRAVIA TV’s and other Sony and non-Sony devices, PlayStation Now will be available on the electronic devices gamers use most.

PlayStation Now gives gamers instant access to some of PlayStation’s most popular full games. With a wide variety of games to stream, there will always be new challenges to conquer, instantly.

We are excited about the future of game streaming and invite you to keep up with the latest news and updates on the evolution of PlayStation Now in the future.

ZOD:PlayStation bought this company called Gaikai, Sony purchased it $380 million in the summer of 2012. This technology basically allows for cloud gaming from what I understand. Playing games on systems and devices that you think wouldn’t usually have the processing power to run games is made possible by the game actually bring hosted on a cloud server. This technology almost sounds like its working as an emulator for whatever device your trying to use. The tech is kinda dope. Interested to see how this turns out.

However, Im sure this is not a free service. If they did it like Netflix, with all games being available. That would definitely be a good look, as long as the price isn’t too crazy. If you have to purchase all the games seperately, that shit is wack! Unless….its for the super low. And its only certain games.

As far as playing old games I just wish they would truly make the systems backwards compatible. I got stacks of games at the crib that Im not trying to re-purchase. How nice would it be to slide the disc in the new systems.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft is actually working on something similar. I know they were originally talking about the XBOX one being a total digital unit, and some of the games are already supposed to be hosted on cloud servers to cut down on lag.

I know they better have their servers on point though. I wonder how the people feel about this that were trippin about the fact that the X1 originally said that they wanted to make it so the internet had to be on at all times???

What do you think?

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Written by ZODISGOOD

Hip Hop artist and producer out of Flint, MI currently residing in Atlanta. Had a reputation as a gamer since grade school. Been killing clowns since one button controllers.

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