Free Agent Movement '18

The Free Agent movement also known as the Lebron James sweepstakes got off to a blazing start with Paul George shockingly resigning with the Oklahoma City Thunder for 4 years. All-Star Demarcus Cousins signing with the World Champions Golden State Warriors for a 1 year deal. Lebron James to not much of a surprise is going out West to the LA Lakers on a 4 year deal. With his movie production, family having a house and preparing for life after basketball in LA, many of us expected this move. Who knows if he can bring a title back to LA, but the Lakers are back to being relavent again. Other moves by Magic Johnson and the Lakers were signing Rajon Rando (1 year), Lance Stephenson (1 year), Javele Mcghee (1 year).

Other free agent signings= Julius Randle (New Orleans Pelicans),  Deandre Jordan (Dallas Mavericks), Trevor Ariza (Phoenix Suns), Elfrid Payton (Phoenix Suns)

Notable free agents left on the market= Jabari Parker, Jamal Crawford, Zach Lavine, Clint Capela, Isaiah Thomas, Tyreke Evans

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