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Just got back from seeing The New GI Joe Flick. First off let me say I was pretty excited to see this flick. In hopes that it was 10x’s better than the first one. I was a huge GI JOE fan growing up. This is 80s Joe Im talking about. Not that generation Z $#!+. With that being said, I am almost positive that the people that are behind this film did grow up on GI JOE like myself and many others. Now this movie was better than the last seeing that it was a little closer to the toon. But this joint was still corny I hate to say.gijoe-retaliation-international-russian-banner-raw-image1 My gripe about it is the casting for one. The Rock is cool but not as Roadblock. With me being a black male growing up, Roadblock was one of my favorite characters and I dont think Dwayne Johnson really personifies the Roadblock I would like to see on screen. I dont want to say the Rock is not black enough. But he was too much of the military type. Talking like a soldier. Now I know that they are soldiers in the movie..but damn..Roadblock had swag…Im not saying that he had to go around and rhyme all day but damn. He quoted a line from Jay-Z in the movie. I guess that was them showing his rhyme ability. That was corny too might I add…They kept trying to crack these little jokes that were…CORNY…Then everytime they showed Cobra Commander walking it was in slow motion…cmon man..I shouldnt have noticed that….Bringing in Bruce Willis as the original Joe…Corny..

The makers of this Flick should take a number from the GI JOE Renegade series as I stated before when I covered this in the coming soon section. I think they need to work on character building more. The movie did not keep my attention too well…I dozed off a couple of times. Maybe those were the best parts of the movie..I dont know…but from what I saw I was disappointed once again.


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Written by ZODISGOOD

Hip Hop artist and producer out of Flint, MI currently residing in Atlanta. Had a reputation as a gamer since grade school. Been killing clowns since one button controllers.

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