As the Finals have come around again with another appearance by a Lebron led team. The chatter about Lebron possibly being the GOAT and dethroning Michael Jordan has been at an all-time high. I’ve had plenty of discussions about this.

But just thinking about the convos that took place I have to ask the question did Lebron make players better or did they decline? I say this because people talk about how he does everything and is a great playmaker…This is true but are players getting better? I think this is why those Bulls teams were flourishing.

Under the Jordan regime typically unknown players became household names. Can the same be said about Lebron? Not hating just enlighten me if you think he did.

I know people are going to say that MJ didn’t win until Scottie came into the picture. But statistically Jordan bested Scottie in every category except for rebounds I think. Not to shit on Scottie, but thats one of peoples go to moves when they downplay Jordan as the GOAT. Scottie Pippen was able to flourish and get better and become one of the 50 greatest players of all-time playing alongside Jordan. Players continued to grow and get better. There were no players that had to come in and lessen their role from their last NBA stop.

With Lebron people were asked to change the way they played and take on less responsibility while King James stepped in and took control. Chris Bosh was an all-star and D. Wade was an all-star, NBA NBA Champ and former scoring champ. Both of them had to take a lesser role for the greater good I guess. They won 2 titles out the deal but still took a lesser role. I dont remember anybody else on that team getting better or any rookies coming in doing well..Thats just me I could be wrong. Let me know..

Kevin Love was putting up phenomenal numbers with the T Wolves he had a drop off in productivity hooking up with LBJ. Kyrie didn’t really decline just continued doing what he was doing before Lebron came back. JR Smith about the same or worse (inconsistent). Shump fell off. I dont know..Seems like they were already stars playing with LeBron that got worse or just remained who they were. Like I say you tell me what you think. Reply in the comments and vote.

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Written by ZODISGOOD

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