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Heroes Coming Back 2015

Was kind of geeked hearing about the return of Heroes. A little late posting it but I heard about this a couple of weeks ago.
Not sure if they were going to pick up where they left off or start with a whole new cast. I hope they at least start it with the old cast if they are going to introduce new characters.

I remember reading somewhere that Heroes originally was supposed to have a new set of characters each season, like all new stories. They kind of did that but it still revolved around the core group. They said they have all the original writers and everything back, so thats a good look.

They shouldnt have taken it off the air anyway. They said the show was costing too much to produce. But you can tell that they wanted other shows to capture that crowd. That didnt quite happen. And when I saw AGENTS of Shield first thing I thought was Heroes needs to come back


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