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Jay-Z 4:44


Jay-Z 4:44 Review
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Overall I love the album off early impression. I rank this pretty high on the list of Jay’s studio albums. Don’t want to give it a number ranking in position this early but its definitely up there and some of his best work in my personal opinion. And that may be because it speaks to the frame of mind that Im in. 4:44 is an inspirational piece of work for ya boy.

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As many know Jay-Z just dropped another album [4:44] and after listening to it a couple times I want to share my initial reaction.

When the album first started off..I was like man hope Hov aint gonna come out half assin it..flow was sounding a lil lazy at first…I always have high expectations since Im definitely a fan..but anyway just listening  a lil further…my fears were laid to rest..this is just the vibe that he was comin with..not lazy..laid back and killin shit. Production on this project was dope too…made you appreciate the consistency and chemistry that comes from and artist working exclusively with a producer. No ID definitely laced the project. Im liking that it sounds raw. Its not over-produced or no huge productions just soulful samples and dope chops.

Jay’s wordplay is still there as he tackles some personal topics. This is what I thought made the Black Album and others so dope to me. Jay doesnt talk a lot in the media..but he talks about it on his projects and we got some of that on 4:44. He’s also sprinkling some gems throughout the album as well on joints like Legacy (Got geeked on the Wu quote) and the Story of OJ..Im still listening this is my 3rd go round and Im still vibing.

4:44 is may very well be my choice for album of the year. It was some other decent projects that came out so far..but this definitely speaks to me. And as an “older” artist myself this is the type of material I’ve been on and have been wanting to hear. Just real life adult music and situations…Im not a mega dope dealer or lean sipper or none of the sorts…just a ni&&a tryna make some winning plays! So Salute to the boy Hov and No ID on a wonderful project.




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Written by ZODISGOOD

Hip Hop artist and producer out of Flint, MI currently residing in Atlanta. Had a reputation as a gamer since grade school. Been killing clowns since one button controllers.

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