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Jimmy Butler trade

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The 2017 NBA Draft went down Thursday night. Not many surprises or blockbuster trades leading into draft night except Philly trading with Boston to get Markelle Fultz and Dwight Howard being shipped from his hometown to the Charlotte Hornets. But the News of the night was the Chicago Bulls trading Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota T’ Wolves re-uniting him with his former coach.

People were in an uproar saying that Minnesota stole Jimmy Butler…And Chicago was ignorant with this move or they’ve been fleeced! Now its been some moves that I definitely did not agree with by the Bulls getting rid of Boozer to bring in Gasol, firing Thibs for Hoiberg and the last straw was how they treated D. Rose and sent him out in order to build around Butler. Did not think that was cool to do the ho

metown kid / former MVP like that. He had some unfortunate injuries but played over 60 games the last couple of years. Anyway that had me a little bitter towards the Bulls and Butler. It seemed like Butler wanted Rose out too. For those that know me know I’ve been a Bulls fan since a kid..never



wavered thru the Pete Myers days the Baby Bull Days or none of that. But I could not get jiggy with how they did D. Rose. Then they brought in Wade and Rondo..Did not think that was gonna work..That was the only year since I’ve been watching basketball that I did not root for the Bulls.

This move I actually was not mad at. I still think they blew the D. Rose, Boozer, Korver team up pre-maturely but if they were gonna get rid of Rose I wasn’t gonna be semi happy unlees it was a total rebuild and this is what it is. Jimmy Butler is a good player but I think his ego was a little out of hand at times. Reason being is I don’t think he is the type of player to build a team around. I think he would be great playing along side a superstar type player. Minnesota should be a good fit. I was rooting for Thibs and the young wolves last year so not mad at the move on their end. And on the Bulls end not mad either. I wish they could have held on to their 16th pick though.

Kriss Dunn and Zach Lavine are 2 players that I wanted the Bulls to draft anyway but they had just missed out on both. They are both very exciting players with tons of upside and both can potentially be stars in this league. Not too sure about the pick of Lauri Markkanen hope it pans out but I wish they would have kept the other picks. There were still some decent players around at the 16th spot..And they sold Jordan Bell to Golden State. I woulda rather had him than Bobby Portis. But word is they sold that pick to possibly by out Rajon Rondo. Please do.

But again like I said Im not mad at the trade. I dont think they were going anywhere with Butler at the helm. If Lavine comes back healthy they’ll be alright. Next on the menu consider a new coach and get rid of (not a fan)..Bring me Willy Cauley Stein and a couple scrappy players. Also interested to see what they do in free agency. Need to buyout Rondo and trade Wade to a contender if you can for some more young talent. But if they cant move that contract Lavine could learn alot from Wade. Excited about the season.

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Written by ZODISGOOD

Hip Hop artist and producer out of Flint, MI currently residing in Atlanta. Had a reputation as a gamer since grade school. Been killing clowns since one button controllers.

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