Kwahi to LA is official…Along with Paul George

PG13 going to the Clippers alongside Kwahi is huge!

Late last night around 2am the news started to come in that the Kwahi watch was officially over. Kwahi had everyone waiting for him to make a decision on his NBA future. Many thought the Clippers were out of the running and this was going to be between staying with the Toronto Raptors that he just won the NBA Championship with and The Los Angeles Lakers that blew up the whole squad in order to Land AD to play alongside Lebron and clear cap space to go after another max player, namely Kwahi Leonard. Some insiders still believed the Clippers were in it. But nothing was ever mentioned about Paul George being in the mix. PG13 going to the Clippers alongside Kwahi is huge!

Earlier this week Paul George reportedly asked for a trade after Kwahi called and recruited him to come back home and play with him in LA. Kwahi really did turn out to be a “Fun Guy” shaking shit up along the NBA Landscape. The battle for LA is definitely going to be one to watch. Lakers are still scrambling to try and put together the pieces. But the Clippers are pretty much set. Jerry West did not blow up the team to land PG13 but he did give up Shai Gilgeous-Alexander whom I thought had a great rookie campaign. They also sent Danilo Gallinari who came back from injury to put up a solid year and like 6 1st round picks or so. The Clippers were able to get in the Playoffs last year. And this year Add Kwahi Leonard and PG13 probably the best 2 way players in the league. Lets not forget they just resigned Patrick Beverly who is also one of the leagues best defenders and 6th man of the year Lou Williams. Montrez Harrell was also in the running for 6th man of the year.

Personally I like the move and the parity it brings to the league. Kwahi stood firm on not wanting to join a Lebron Superteam and trying to take the easy rode to the Larry O’B. But instead chose to work on his own legacy alongside a running mate that chose not to go the Lebron route and work on his legacy as well. Lebron has to feel some kind of way about both of them turning him down. I would imagine he’s gonna be hell bent on beating them. Russell Westbrook gotta be a lil aggy too about losing another running mate. But truly broadie probably doesn’t give AF. Im hearing Westbrook may be on the move as well as it may be time to rebuild in OKC.

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