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Movie Review: Top Five starring Chris Rock

Just went to see Top Five today starring Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson and JB Smooth. Top Five also had plenty of other cameos.

top_fiveI read some pretty bad reviews on this movie, but the wife and I still decided to check it out on our own. Reading the bad reviews may have helped my opinion of the movie. The reason I say this is because I didn’t have very high expectations. Ive heard people saying they walked out of it..and was disgusted by a scene they said could have been an outright porno.

To me its best to go to see a movie with an open mind. When you see some of the cast you think this movie is going to be some hilarious “Friday” like comedy. It was not..

I think the movie was a realistic comedy.

Its about Rosario’s character interviewing Chris Rock’s character who is a comedian whose career is seeming to take a turn for the worse. During the interview and them talking, Rock told some pretty interesting stories along the way. The movie also shows the issues their dealing with in their everyday lives and personal relationships.

The Top Five title comes into play when the question about Top 5 rappers kept coming up in the movie..not an annoying amount of times was kind of dope because this comes up and endless amount of times between friends that love hip-hop..Glad they weren’t all corny with it like…Brown Sugar.

Whose in your Top Five?!?


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