2018 Rookie of the Year



This year we’ve seen 2 rookies who are deserving of the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. We have a red shirt rookie in Ben Simmons who is putting up phenomenal numbers in his first year of actual playing. Some would argue that he’s not really a rookie and therefore should be disqualified from the runnings, seeing that he basically had a full year of class room training to prepare for this season. But you cannot deny his play and the fact that he is an integral part to a young team that has made the playoffs this year. A feat which the Sixers have not accomplished in some time.

Then on the other hand you got Donovan Mitchell out in Utah. His play has been spectacular and he tooo has also led his team to a playoff birth. D. Mitchell’s case is dope because he is pretty much the go to player in Utah. He has definitely taken over the leader position for the Jazz in his first year.

These 2 have definitely been must see TV. If there ever was a case for another Co-ROY award this may be it..This has been a strong rookie class with other players such as Jason Tatum and Lauri Markannan playing well but the race seems to come down to these two players, Simmons and Mitchell and in this case we are not going the co-route..we need a clear cut winner!! Who you got?

  • 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year

    • Ben Simmons
    • Donovan Mitchell

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