Drake: Duppy vs Pusha T: The Story of Adidon

The Beef continues. Pusha T returns fire with his response to Drake’s Duppy. Push took a No Holds Barred approach to this one as he did not appreciate some of the words coming out of his mouth especially bringing his fiance into the picture. Who do you have winning the fight so far? Drake came thru with the element of surprise on his side and set the internet on fire after he didn’t take to kindly to the shots thrown by Pusha T on Infared off of his Daytona project he just released. Drake had something ready within hours of its release it seems.


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Written by ZODISGOOD

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  1. Between these 2 tracks I have to say as far as being lyrical and bars is concerned I gotta give the nod to Drake. It doesn’t seem as that was Pusha T’s agenda though. He’s looking like he is out to ruin Drake’s credibility and reputation as an artist..Like he’s trying to ruin his career and good guy image. His verse is full of what I call Wendy Williams raps like how Remy Ma went at Nicki, full of gossip and trying to unearth details that can help him get the job done. He also went at the people that was close to him. Probably upset that he brought his fiance name up. Although it wasnt a diss..But hey, Its a dirty game and Push pulled it off. Ready to see if Drake actually gets “Angry” as Pusha T said and what he comes with next.

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