Shrimp and Grits – Another Broken Egg Cafe (Atlanta)

I’ve been on the hunt for some good shrimp and grits every since T.I.’s restaurant Scales 925 shut down (temporarily I hope). They had the best shrimp and grits I ever had. However on my journey to find a comparable substitute me and the wife visited “Another Broken Egg Cafe” in Atlanta for the first time. Cool spot. Ran into Lil Wayne’s baby Momma Toya Wright up there and Chubbie Baby (EPIC Records A&R and DipSet affiliate) The wife ordered some kind of scramble and liked it. But this is about Shrimp and Grits which I ordered. I was excited when they came to the table as they looked like the same style of shrimp and grits as 925..Didnt quite taste the same tho. Texture was good. Had a creole type of gravy over the chedder grits. They were good..a lil spicy but good. Although they werent on the level of 925s definitely worth another visit. I would give these Shrimp and Grits a Proper 7/10


Give these Shrimp and Grits a proper 7/10



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Written by ZODISGOOD

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