Russell Westbrook (1/8)

Russell Westbrook is a high flying, energetic point guard for OKC. After his homie KD left him on stuck to chase a ring with the Warriors. Westbrook has been hell-bent on trying to prove he is the man and that they could do it without him. Westbrook is averaging a triple double right now which is not an easy feat. Just had a monster 57 pt trip dub to add to that too…Howwwwever…To me it seems like he is trying to force these triple doubles….Its like he breaks it down…This is the scoring portion of the game…ok now let me get some assists…and pretty much crash the boards all game to get my rebs up…I dont know…thats what it seems like to me. Never been a fan…but cant deny that he does put in work on the court…chasing stats or not. Not really a contender or really winning like that but the boy is putting up crazy numbers 31.8 ppg 10.4 apg 10.6 rpg

Written by ZODISGOOD

Hip Hop artist and producer out of Flint, MI currently residing in Atlanta. Had a reputation as a gamer since grade school. Been killing clowns since one button controllers.

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