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Tech: Grillbot

So I saw this a while ago and thought about it with the warm weather coming. I like to grill but hate cleaning that boy. This will supposedly solve my problems. And yours too if you feel the way I do.

The Grillbot is supposed to automatically clean your grill.

Kind of like a roomba for the grill. Im a little skeptical of this joint though….reason being is that when Im cleaning my grill I have to put a little pressure on the brush when Im cleaning. The Grillbot seems like its a little light to match my arm strength…granted Im strong as an still. The grills they were cleaning in the video was lightweight compared to what Im used to getting off my grill.

The Grillbot is available at and retails for $120 (gat damn). I think $50 would be a little more reasonable, but Im still curious to see how it works.


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